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Cyberpunk 2007 ramps up to 1m active players following Netflix anime, Edgerunners update – GamesIndustry.biz

Cyberpunk reaches 1Mil DAU following the Edgerunner update that coincided with the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the anime series, debuting on Netflix this September. CD Project Red, the developer, announced a story expansion to the game currently in the works.


Company of Heroes 3 PAX West Show Recap – CompanyofHeroes.com

John Tabbernor and Andy Bergin recap the week as Company of Heroes III wraps up its live demo at PAX West 2002 in Seattle, Washington. With the November release date just around the corner, developers are encouraged by the positive feedback from first-time players as well as the seasoned CoH fandom.


Three-quarters of gamers play multiplayer, says Unity report – VentureBeat.com

A recently released report from Unity finds that 77% of gamers play multiplayer games. The report states that the social aspect is a prime motivator for players choosing multiplayer games and sees cross-play becoming increasingly prevalent.


Videogamedunkey launches an indie game publishing company – TheVerge.com

The popular YouTube video game reviewer videogamedunkey has started his own indie game publishing company, BigMode. With over seven million subscribers and eleven years in the review business, Dunkey believes he has a good eye for picking potential winners in the indie genre and is encouraging potential developers to apply at any level.