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Division 2 returns to New York – GameSpot
The original Division took a while to flesh out its gameplay mechanics, something that Division 2 did much faster and smoother. With a post-game storyline involving tons of content, Division 2 stands as an all-around improvement from the first installment. The game’s latest update returns players to New York City (the set from the first game) to carry out even more missions. This expansion offers a raised level-cap, new abilities to unlock and use, and a streamlined gear system to enhance gameplay.

First details on Riots “Project A” – Polygon
Riot Games first unveiled a set of games in development in October last year, but now have started showing some of them off to a select few. CS:GO commentator HenryG stated via Twitter that the game right now feels very similar to CS:GO. Although the game focuses on the use of heroes, it is very different from games like Overwatch since guns and abilities are purchased with earned currency at the start of each of the 12 rounds. HenryG noted that the map design and guns/class system felt excellent, giving players multiple ways to approach rounds and play according to their preferences.

CoD: Season 2 – GameSpot
Neither Activision nor Infinity Ward has said anything about a possible battle royale mode in CoD Modern Warfare for Season 2; however, the trailer looks to imply the mode is coming. Little information has been revealed so far, except for a new battle pass with weapons and cosmetics and the appearance of Ghost, a character from the original Modern Warfare series. Another big clue for a possible battle royale mode is that a new “CLASSIFIED” tab has appeared in the game’s main menu. This would not be the first time a CoD game had a battle royale mode, as Black Ops 4 had one preciously.

BioWare officially redesigning Anthem – Polygon
Anthem has had a troubled life since its launch, with the consistently unhappy player base and stale content. BioWare has announced they will be slowing down the release of content for Anthem as they intend to redesign the game completely. The game will remain online and playable until the rework is ready to launch, so players can get back into or stay with the game until the rework releases. Although BioWare has not given any indication as to what the rework will be like, they mean to remedy the majority of problems players have.