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Microsoft will build native Xbox games for the cloud – TheVerge.com

Microsoft lays the groundwork to expand cloud-based gaming. Kim Swift has been hired as Senior Director of Cloud Gaming in Microsoft’s pursuit to create cloud-native games. Along with upgrading their xCloud servers, Microsoft is in talks to lock down streaming rights with its game development partners.


Windows 11 Brings New Gaming Features – GameSpot.com

Windows’ 11 new OS will include gaming features for automatic upgrades to the game’s lighting and color to HDR. A direct storage feature will utilize the user’s GPU and allow games to load faster. With the integration of the xCloud and Xbox Game Pass, PC users can expect streamlined gameplay at a higher quality.


India’s gaming market to grow 113% by 2025 – KPMG – GamesIndustry.biz

Expectations are high for the future of the Indian gaming market. KPMG says the “casual” gaming segment is poised to see a 182% revenue increase driven by macro trends such as increasing smartphone usage and digital infrastructure growth and growth in the young population.  Market growth is projected at 113% with an increase in player base of 52%.