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No Man’s Sky introduces living ships you can hatch – GameSpot
2020’s first update for No Man’s Sky is titled The Living Ship, which allows players to fly sentient organic ships. Players interested in hatching and growing a ship can find Space Anomalies, which will start a series of missions that end with an egg as a reward. Living ships cannot be upgraded like others but are born with procedurally generated traits, which, with nurturing, can improve various stats. Additionally, a myriad of new space objects and beings make space exploration more enjoyable.

Rainbow Six Siege year 5, Season 1: Void Edge – Polygon
Rainbow Six Siege will soon start its fifth year of content, though the precise date is still unknown. Ubisoft has announced, however, that the two new operators for Season 1 will be live on the test servers on Feb. 17th. Oryx is the new defender who can run through soft walls, knock down the attacker (even with shields) and jump up through broken hatches. Iana is the new attacker; she can project a mobile hologram of herself to trick attackers, though she must remain stationary to do so. As for maps in Season 1, the Oregon map is getting a complete rework, intended to make it much more balanced.

World War Z developer joins THQ Nordic – GameSPot
Embracer Group, the company behind THQ Nordic and Deep Silver, has grown again with the acquisition of Saber Interactive. Saber is best known for its zombie horde shooter World War Z and their work to port The Witcher 3 to Switch. Embracer signed a contract to purchase Saber for an initial $150 million up to $375 million. Saber received a few offers in the last 19 years, but according to CEO Matthew March, this is the best pairing they could have imagined. The timing is excellent, as Saber has hundreds of developers spread across five studios with a dozen games to unveil.

Nvidia GeForce Now loses Activision over a misunderstanding – Polygon
Nvidia is saying their GeForce Now service has lost over 20 Activision and Blizzard titles because of a misunderstanding. Nvidia did not go into detail on this issue but said that they hope to bring back Activision Blizzard titles in the future. Many developers’ games have come and gone from the streaming platform as they are unsure of Nvidia’s no-commercial-agreements model.