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Minecraft: Dungeons – GameSpot

When Minecraft first released, it was a fantastic new concept for games, with its early access style and open-ended gameplay. Now, Minecraft Dungeons isn’t trying anything revolutionary but instead introduces a new generation of players to the dungeon crawler genre. Minecraft Dungeons simplifies this genre by trimming down the class, loot, and gear systems to be more accessible to younger audiences. Much of the complexity and variety of gameplay comes from different gear combinations and enchantments, which give players different sets of abilities and powers.

E3 2020 Replacement Schedule – GameSpot

This year marks the first in 20 years that the annual game expo, E3, will not be held in June. ESA, E3’s organizing company, has announced they will not be hosting a digital alternative to their live event, and instead, publishers will be hosting their own over the summer. Developers like Microsoft and Ubisoft have announced plans to host digital streams to announce their upcoming titles, changes, and hardware.

Call of Duty: Warzone, the grenade launcher – Polygon

Players have recently found out that an exceedingly rare weapon, the MGL-32 grenade launcher,  offers enough firepower to kill an entire squad in a few shots. Though the weapon is overpowered according to players, the low spawn chance makes it fair. Players can go for hundreds of matches and report never seeing the weapon for themselves, either for their use or seeing another player use it; that is how rare of a spawn the launcher is.

BlizzCon 2020 canceled – Polygon

Blizzard has announced that after careful consideration, they will be canceling Blizzcon for 2020. They have cited health and logistical concerns for their cancelation as they are concerned it will not yet be safe to host a large live event. Blizzard has announced, however, that they are looking into a virtual replacement that will take place early in 2021, so fans do not lose out entirely. They are also looking into alternative methods for hosting their E-sports events as live shows are no longer realistic.