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Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood – GameSpot

Borderlands 3’s third campaign expansion releases June 25. In an interview, the game’s Creative Director, Matt Cox, said that they wanted to add new elements to the combat loop. The team went about this by adding four items that act as sorts of power-ups for players. One turns enemies to your side, another explodes with shrapnel, the third launches players into the air, and the fourth teleports players to another location. Players may be able to move these items around if they need them or pull fights close to them.


Apex Legends Switch release and Cross-Play announcement – GameSpot

Respawn is officially bringing Apex Legends to Switch this fall. Additionally, they are enabling Cross-Play between all versions of the game as well, including a new Steam launch. Until then, they’ve started a new event introducing the mobile respawn beacon and Evo Armor.  As usual, the event also brings exclusive cosmetics and introduces Mirage’s heirloom, a small statue of himself.


Fortnite is hosting a Christopher Nolan movie night – Polygon

One month after Fornite premiered a trailer for the upcoming film Tenet, from Christopher Nolan, players will be able to watch a full-length feature in-game from the same director.  Players can watch Batman Begins, Inception, or The Prestige, depending on their region.


Nvidia now supports DirectX 12 Ultimate and Windows 10 GPU scheduling feature – The Verge

Nvidia’s latest driver update adds support for Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Ultimate and the latest GPU scheduling feature on Windows 10. The DirectX 12 Ultimate support means the latest RTX cards support the most current multimedia and gaming APIs. These updates should make development for Xbox Series X and Windows platforms much easier with a better unified and streamlined experience. The latest update allows Windows 10 users to enable a hardware-accelerated GPU setting and adds support for nine G-Sync-Compatible displays.