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Twitch pulls in 1.76bn hours in viewership during May – GamesIndustry.com

Twitch viewership surged in May, reaching an impressive 1.76 billion hours, up 5% from the previous month. At the head of the leader-board with 124 million hours of viewership was League of Legends followed by Valorant and Grand Theft Auto V. CEO, Gil Hirsch, comments that May’s strong showing “could signal a welcome return to the platform’s regular ebb and flow” post-pandemic.

After years of jokes, Eve Online finally has official Microsoft Excel integration – Polygon.com

Eve Online, the “famously cerebral” space game, has finally become the first video game with an official Excel add-in. The add-in allows players to import their Eve data into Excel, where they can use it to analyze their in-game finances, manufacturing profits, and skill points distribution. Developed in collaboration with the Excel team at Microsoft, the “official Excel integration will be a meaningful quality-of-life improvement for Eve Online players.”

Traditional gaming shrinks to 26.7% of game and esports revenue as overall U.S. sales head to $72B by 2027 | PwC – VentureBeat.com

With 68.6% of the US video gaming and e-sports revenue reported in 2022, social and casual gaming is outperforming traditional gaming 2:1. Traditional gaming has seen a slight increase with the addition of micro-transactions, but remains pale in comparison to mobile games subscription services, such as Apple Arcade, estimated to bring in $1.2 billion by 2025.

Games for Change honors Snowbright’s Grace Collins with Vanguard Award – VentureBeat.com

Grace Collins, CEO of Snowbright Studio, is the latest receipt of the Vanguard Award. Seeing the potential for educational game design in their own classroom, Collins pursued opportunities with the Smithsonian and US Department of Education to innovate what “educational” games could bring to the conversation. Snowbright is currently pursuing educational and recreational games with a focus on representation for girls and non-binary.