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Square Enix says it’s not for sale – GameSpot

Despite the recent Bloomberg Japan story, Square Enix said that there had been no offers or mentions of deals sent to them, and there is no interest to sell the studio at this time. Buying such a massive company would require a sizable investment, with their multitude of IPs and numerous series.


RE Village Mercenary Mode – Polygon

Capcom announces that the beloved extra game mode, The Mercenaries, is returning in the upcoming Resident Evil Village. This installment promises the same high-speed gameplay as from previous entries, complete with the usual arcade-like mechanics. With the usual consumables and upgrades, this time mercenaries have special abilities to make gameplay more interesting.


US game spending up 18% in March – GameIndustry.biz

The industry-tracking NPD group published their findings for March recently, showing the 13th month in a row of increased US spending in the gaming industry. Last month’s spending growth was about 18%, or $5.6 billion, with hardware in the lead. Nintendo Switch is the most popular of the consoles, followed by PS5. Software sales are up 14% to around $4.6 billion, and accessory sales are up 46% to $300 million.


The pandemic helped the video game industry in Italy – GameIndustry.biz

Italy saw a record spending in the video game market last year, with over €2 billion. Overall, the average increase in time spent playing games rose to 8.5 hours per week, with the pandemic as the leading factor. Lack of consoles in stock had throttled growth significantly.