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Bungie overhauls Destiny 2’s Eververse store
Bungie announces an overhaul for Destiny 2’s cosmetic Eververse store before the Armor 2.0 system to launch with Shadowkeep, Destiny 2’s newest expansion.  The new Eververse store will no longer sell armor with independent stats, opting instead for becoming a “Transmog system” making it a solely cosmetic part of the game and removing any pay-to-win elements. Bight Dust is also seeing changes; now dropping most multiplayer activities being used only for purchasing items on rotation, while silver is still used for buying items at any time off rotation.

Harry Potter furthers the magic of augmented reality
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an upcoming game from Niantic using the augmented reality system from Pokémon Go, bringing magical creatures and items into the real world. The game uses google maps, GPS tracking and weather data to project virtual events into the real world that interact dynamically with the space around the player, with key locations for players to see overlaid onto key locations in the real world. Niantic is also working on addressing concerns for more rural areas, as there are fewer landmarks for the game to tag, to create a very populated and immersive world in-game.

Epics new free Space Pirate game
The Epic Store has recently begun giving away games for free, cycling titles weekly. Rebel Galaxy is the latest free game to be offered on the Epic Store, playing like a trading/combat space simulator. Rebel Galaxy is a story driven game where the player commands a star destroyer class vessel and the freedom to play as they want with player choice in dialogues and gameplay activities.

Mordhau is a new first-person medieval combat game featuring strategic gameplay and a complex melee combat system. The game’s combat hosts very involved mechanics, which mimic real-life fighting. The game provides a 15-minute tutorial to teach players the game’s basics; the more complex strategies needed for combat, however, are acquired from making mistakes in the game. A character grows more deadly as their skill improves through the three game modes.