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Water walking coming to World of Warcraft mounts in 8.2: Rise of Azshara

Blizzard revealed its plans for WoW’s 8.2 patch in a new stream. Most notable are the in-depth breakdown of the new Heart of Azeroth system and changes coming to mounts. 8.2 will allow players to customize their mounts with abilities; the extent of these abilities is currently unknown, but will most likely introduce improvements to quality of life changes.

God’s Trigger review: co-op Hotline Miami-style chaos is a delight

God’s Trigger is a new spin on the top-down shoot-’em-up genre with both a fulfilling single-player and thrilling co-op gameplay experience. God’s Trigger hands the player a duo of powerful characters, each with their unique style. Players can tackle this adventure alone and perform seemingly impossible feats or bring along a friend and experience the great synergy between the characters and their various abilities.

The Division 2: The Kotaku Review

After the initial post-launch hype died down, players of The Division 2 realized the game had a few problematic bugs. Many of these issues revolved around abilities and gadgets performing with bugs; ruining a player’s experience or tactic in a fight. Developers from Ubisoft, however, were quick to step up and announce that these bugs were their top priority and would be working immediately to fix them. Ubisoft’s team working on The Division 2 have shown themselves to be investing in the longevity of the game and the overall player’s experience.

15 game streaming services you can try before Google Stadia arrives

Game streaming could very well become a commonplace event in the gaming world over the next years. As systems advance and Blockbuster titles prove more and more demanding, streaming services allow players to play almost any game they please without the need of buying a high-end computer. A myriad of companies, some established names some new start-ups, provide services to players to let them stream games they own onto other devices, while also being able to stream games they don’t own.