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61% of Americans, or 190.6M people, play video games | ESA – VentureBeat.com

The Entertainment Software Association reports on the composition of video game consumers in the US. With 61% of the population playing games, the US saw gaming revenues of $57.2 billion in 2023.


EA Sports brings college football back to game consoles on July 19th – TheVerge.com

EA Sports dives back into the world of American football after a ten-year hiatus. Quinn Ewers, Donovan Edwards, and Travis Hunter rock the cover art for College Football 25, set to release in July 2024.


Why Lego sees its gaming future in Fortnite – GameIndustry.biz

Last year’s launch of Lego Fortnite saw a positive reception, leading the two companies to launch Lego Islands in Fortnite. Lego welcomes the opportunity to further players creativity with the availability of this digital platform.


Take-Two reports FYQ4 bookings of $1.35B as GTA VI gets fall 2025 launch window – VentureBeat.com

Take-Two Interactive sets GTA VI release dates for fall 2025 amidst an uptick in audience engagement with their games GTA V and GTA Online. Grand Theft Auto V alone has seen resent sales of 5 million units, with 200 million units sold across the globe.