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Burnout Developer Announces Two New Games

Three Fields Entertainment, led by two former Criterion founders, announced two new racing games. The first is a sequel, Danger Zone 2, arriving in July. Set on freeways across the world, players will race against one another while, if the first game is any indication, attempting to crash into one another. The other is a new game, Dangerous Driving, is a more traditional racer, set on a closed track, but also allows for exciting crashes, power-ups, and destruction. Some have compared it to a spiritual successor to Burnout, the cult racing favorite.


No VR on XBox

Mike Nichols, Minecraft’s chief marketing officer of gaming, announced that they have no plans to bring VR to Xbox. Instead, Nichols said that they see PC as the future of virtual and mixed reality, rather than the Xbox console. This is despite the fact that Sony has done quite well with PSVR, bringing VR to its Playstation 4 console. This is also counter to several years ago, when Phil Spencer, Xbox head, said that the upcoming Xbox 1 X would be able to handle high-end VR games.


Bethesda Sues WB Over Fallout Shelter Knock-Off

Bethesda has filed suit against Warner Bros. and Behavior Interactive due to similarities between Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter and WB’s Westworld game, both designed by Behavior Interactive. Bethesda claims that Behavior Interactive used code they developed making Fallout Shelter for the Westworld game, code that belongs to Fallout Shelter. Betheda pointed at specific bugs that exist in both games, along with the visual and play style similarities, and alleges that the similarities could confuse players and assume that Bethesda was involved with the Westworld game. The two games look very similar, and play very similar, so Bethesda could have a strong case.


Minecraft Cross-play Comes to the Switch

This week the Better Together update arrived on Switch, allowing players on Switch to play Minecraft with players on Xbox, PC, and Mobile devices. Notably, PS4 is not included in this list; Sony has yet to allow cross-play for any game with Fortnite crossplay ruled out last week. Minecraft follows Fortnite and Rocket League as the third game to allow crossplay between the two competing platforms, opening up a new world where platform choice may not bar friends from playing games with one another. Sony’s rationale for disallowing crossplay has been, and remains, that they would not be able to safeguard children on their network if they opened it up.