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ESA to begin new loot box policies – Polygon
Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have come together to announce they will be implementing a new system for loot boxes in video games. Due to discussions involving the U.S Federal Trade, the big three console producers decided to change aspects of loot boxes to make them less like gambling. The main listed change is said to be an inclusion of rarity chances for items with loot boxes.

Streamer Ninja hits 1 million subscribers on new platform five days after leaving Twitch – The Verge
Ninja left Twitch, and after a mere five days after starting on Mixer, a Microsoft-owned platform, he has one million active subscribers. Many were wondering if subscribers would follow the young streamer from Amazon’s Twitch service to Microsoft’s smaller Mixer service. His channel is now boasting such high numbers that this goes to show that he is popular regardless of what platform he uses. Whether Ninja’s growth will remain in the coming months is uncertain. Mixer does not have many big-name streamers, which is a necessity for competing in the streaming service world.

Rocket league to remove paid loot boxes – GameSpot
Following Rocket League’s acquisition by Epic Games in May 2019, developer Psyonix has many plans moving forward; highly notable among them is the removal of all paid loot boxes or “randomized crates.” The new system will show players what they will be buying instead of leaving anything to chance, citing Fortnite’s changes as inspiration. Psyonix also states that existing paid items, except for loot boxes, will still be available in-game as they are now.

FIFA 20 Career Mode gets many changes – GameSpot
After seeing no change in the Career mode in FIFA games for almost two years, FIFA 20 is expected to bring in a dynamic press conference, player potential changes, and much more. Developer’s goal in these changes was to build upon the feeling of managing a professional sports team for the player, including dealing with the team’s players and their morale stats, a system redone for FIFA 20. Besides these, FIFA 20 will see every player’s stats be flexible depending on their age and performance in games.