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Why Bullet Penetration is Important in Battlefield 5

“Destruction – big and small – is a Battlefield specialty,” says DICE; “and this goes for cover, too, be it wooden doors, concrete walls, fences, vegetation, or the new Fortifications. But how much should a certain piece of cover be damaged when hit by a certain piece of ammunition? Designing all this relates to what we call Bullet Penetration.”  The Battlefield series has long made a point to craft destructible environments. Indeed, the maps in Battlefield 5 will be more destructible than ever. Bullet penetration is one of many gameplay features which DICE are in the process of honing for the release of Battlefield 5. With the game’s combat more immersive than ever, bullet penetration is set to play a greater role.


Fortnite’s Skull Trooper Mania Shows How Epic Makes Big Money Selling Skins

Over the last year, Fortnite players have built mythologies around its skins, with each costume implying something specific about its owner. A suit that makes players look like John Wick, for example, is the infamous calling card of the bone-headed players with a lust for killing. Eventually, many players buy a skin because they want to communicate something about themselves to the larger fan base. The concept of rarity adds an additional dimension here: some skins have only been available during specific seasons, events, or holidays, or perhaps are simply not sold very often through the in-game store. The in-game economy, combined with player-dictated status, means that a lot of Fortnite’s culture revolves around skins. Even if you don’t want a skin, you likely have an opinion on the types of players who would wear any given costume.


Halloween 2018’s Best In-Game Updates and Events

Many announcements and video trailers outline the upcoming Halloween festivities.  Dauntless’s The Dark Harvest Returns is returning to Ramsgate.  Fortnite released a video with a Halloween theme for Darkness Rises. Overwatch’s annual Halloween Terror event debuts several new Halloween-themed skins, emotes, and sprays.  Rocket League is bringing back its Haunted Hallows and players can earn “Candy Corn” currency for playing online matches, which can then be used to cash in for limited cosmetics like decals, toppers, and wheels. Gallery image 10.  The Splatoon 2 version of a Halloween gathering is a twist on its usual monthly Splatfests, appropriately named Splatoween.


Black Ops 4’s Day-one Patch is 50 GB

With the news that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s disc wouldn’t function without a day-one update, gamers took note that a 50 GB download would be required. In an effort to prevent early leaks, Activision locked everything down behind an update for disc-based users.