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Black Ops 4 Details Emerge

The big news this week surrounds Call of Duty: Back Ops 4, the latest in Treyarch’s series for publisher Activision. Previously there have been rumors that Black Ops 4 would not have a single-layer mode and would have a battle royale mode. This week we have learned that, confirming rumors, there is no traditional single-player campaign planned. Instead, players will be able to play solo missions surrounding each character (Specialists) in Black Ops 4, informing players as to their background, which will take place between Black Ops 2 and 3. As for battle royale, the mode will be called Blackout, and will feature a massive map, and will allow players to control land, sea, and air vehicles. Finally, Black Ops 4 wouldn’t be Black Ops if it weren’t for Zombies, and Black Ops 4 will feature zombie maps in such locales as the Titanic and what appears to be ancient Rome.

Xbox Adaptive Controller Released, Sets New Standard for Accessibility

Microsoft has released information on their Adaptive Controller, specially designed for those with physical impairments. The most obvious feature of the new controller, compatible with Windows 10 and Xbox One, are two large buttons, but the real power his hidden on its back panel. Each controller input, from specific d-pad directions to shoulder buttons and joystick clicks, has an individual 3.5mm jack, which is the standard input for traditional assistive devices. Furthermore, a usb port on either side allow for joystick mapping. These features allow almost any kind of device to be plugged in, reducing barriers to play for those who require special controller layouts or hardware to play games. The Adaptive controller will be released later this year and will retail for $99.99.

Rainbow Six Seige Details Operation Para Bellum

Details emerge surrounding the next big update for R6, Operation Para Bellum. Ubisoft introduced Alibi, a Defender who will have a holographic decoy to confuse enemies. Another operator, currently unnanounced, will also be packaged with Operation Para Bellum. Alongside two new Operators will be a new map, Villa, based on an Italian mansion, fitting the theme of the Italian Alibi. Finally, the update will also launch with a “Pick & Ban” system, which will allow players to ban certain Operators from play, following in the footsteps of many competitive games. No release date has yet been released for this update.

Sea of Thieves’ Hungering Deep Update Trailer Released

The first content update for Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves is coming May 29th, and titled The Hungering Deep. Hungering Deep will be the first of six updates scheduled to be released in the game’s first year, and will focus on underwater terrors. Details are sparse, but the trailer and the name implies that the content will be horror focused, and potentially be about massive sharks lurking underwater. Coming with the patch will be new mechanics and tweaks to the game that is reported to have a small yet dedicated fan base of players. This first update is being described by Rare as “medium-sized.”