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Newzoo: Esports will generate $1.38B in revenue by the end of the year – VentureBeat.com

Newzoo projects Esports to bring in over $1 billion in revenue this year with an estimated 60% coming from sponsorships. Gaming content dominated livestream last year clocking in 20 billion gaming hours on the Twitch platform.


World of Warcraft brings back dragons in new expansion – TheVerge.com

World of Warcraft announces its ninth expansion, Dragonflight, with an all-new race of draconic humanoids. The expansion also offers a new crafting interface for players and customizable dragon mounts.


Destiny 2’s next season will fix glaives, improve its worst Exotics – Polygon.com

Destiny 2 is set to launch an extensive weapons update with the new season releasing next month. Many weapons are getting upgrades for offense and defense including Exotic glaives, Leviathan’s Breath, and Eyes of Tomorrow.


Sony reportedly considering in-game ads for free-to-play titles – GamesIndustry.biz

Business Insider reports Sony is in the planning stages with adtech firms to introduce in-game ads for free-to-play content. Purportedly, Microsoft is working on a similar setup for their free-to-play titles.