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Fortnite World Cup delayed
The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers have only two weeks left before the competition kicks off, one for solo players and one for duos. Many members of the duo teams, however, have been put into an unfortunate situation as developer Epic Games has scheduled them to play in the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am tournament on the same week as duo quals. To rectify this scheduling conflict, Epic Games decided to push back the duo quals dates, so there is no overlap.

Pokemon Sword and Shield announcements
A new Nintendo Direct update has confirmed the next installments in the Pokemon game series will release on November 15th. Develop Game Freak shared information on changes to gameplay mechanics and showcased some new mechanics, such as new systems in Pokemon battles similar to Sun and Moon’s Z-powers and a new co-op event. The final updates this time around was the naming of Sword and Shield’s two new legendary Pokemon, and a dual pack bundle to buy both games at the same time.

PS5 Leaks: The Latest Alleged PS5 Specs List Leaves Out a Major Component
Sony will reportedly not be making an appearance at E3 2019, opting instead to make various announcements around the same time frame. The latest news from Sony is a spec leak for the PS5, release date still unconfirmed. What stands out from the report is Sony’s stand on supporting backwards compatibility, making the PS5 compatible with PS4 games.

Destiny 2 getting cross-saves and launching on Google Stadia
Destiny 2 will soon allow players to link accounts between PC Xbox and Google’s new Stadia streaming service to play on the same save, PS4 is still unconfirmed on inclusion. The cross-save system will allow players to use a single save game across any supported devices, keeping any character progression and loot they have. This announcement is especially significant for Stadia as Destiny 2 is likely to be one of the main launch titles for the new streaming service.