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Konami raises forecasts as profits rise 53% to $427m – GamesIndustry.com

The latest release of Metal Gear Solid helps boosts Konami’s Digital Entertainment revenue by 10%. The Japanese publisher company Konami saw record profits, mostly due to the success of their titles under their Digital Entertainment division, leading them to raise their forecasted profits for the year.


Palworld is now the most-played third-party game on Xbox Game Pass – Polygon.com

Palworld continues to set new records since its mid-January release. It has edged out Fortnite in popularity on Xbox, and now Palworld has “become the biggest third-party Xbox Game Pass launch in the service’s history.” The game has acquired over 7 million players in just the last two weeks.


Xbox revenues up 49% following Activision Blizzard acquisition | GamesIndustry.biz

Xbox sees Q2 revenues skyrocket after the Activision Blizzard acquisition. But with the added revenue comes added operating costs, spurring Microsoft to lay off 9% of its games division.


What can developers learn from the Palworld vs Pokémon debate? – GamesIndustry.com

The success of Palworld has led to a discussion of inspiration vs. infringement. Legal experts weigh in on the complexities of whether infringement has occurred and the difficulties in pursuing damages with an IP release across so many countries.