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Fortnite Season 5 – GameSpot

Fortnite Season 5 has started, and the Zero Point has been exposed. The new Battle Pass, as suspected, contains Star Wars-themed cosmetics based on the Mandalorian TV series. Players can unlock the Mandalorian himself by purchasing the Pass and unlock additional customization by completing challenges. A number of non-Star Wars cosmetics are also available this season, including a rumored Kratos from God of War. Thanks to the Zero Point, new weapons appear in the map along with a new bounty system and game currency.


World of Warcraft’s new boss makes players pedestrian – Polygon

To keep game play more interesting, Blizzard had to curtail some of the toys and abilities accumulated in the game over the years. In Shadowlands, for example, players cannot fly with their mounts, but can still use them on the ground. Additionally, the Flight Master’s Whistle is gone, limiting the player’s ability to travel long distances quickly. These changes make the world feel more dangerous as players can no longer shortcut to important mobs and zip away quickly.


Sea of Thieves Seasons and Battle Pass – GameSpot

Rare announces a battle pass system coming to Sea of Thieves in 2021 with season one starting in January. Each season lasts three months and offers 100 levels for players to grind through. The battle pass has two tiers, a free and a premium “Plunder Pass”. Each season focuses on a different group or experience, with the Merchant Alliance taking the maiden voyage. The advent of all these updates signals the end of PvP arena updates, as Rare wants to focus on improving and developing the other parts of the game.


Madden NFL 21 comes early, with bugs – Polygon

Pre-order owners of Madden NFL 21 can download the game a day early but can only play using offline mode. This is due to a bug causing Electronic Arts to turn off online play, expecting a patch to be pushed out later today. These pre-loads only seem available for PS5 and Xbox Series X systems.