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Sony’s new PS5 Controller looks like a leap for accessibility on PlayStation – Polygon.com

Sony reveals designs for Project Leonardo, a new accessibility-friendly controller for the PlayStation 5. When available, the new device will include larger buttons, interchangeable parts, and adjustable button mapping options, making it extensively customizable to a player’s individual needs and preferences.

Wizards of the Coast Cancels Five Unannounced Games as It Focuses on Developing ‘Existing Brands’ – IGN.com

Wizard of the Coast has announced plans to streamline its current gaming portfolio. At least five games will be canceled moving forward, but details on which games or which studios will be directly affected by this recent announcement are unclear.

New YouTube policies demonetize more gaming content – VentureBeat.com

In efforts to moderate graphic and violent content, YouTube has updated its policies, and many of the gaming content creators could see a demonetization of their gameplay videos. With the new guidelines in place, viewers could see content creators abandon certain game titles in their efforts to stay within the community guidelines.

All the new video games launching in 2023 – Polygon.com

Polygon has released a master list of titles that can be enjoyed across all platforms in 2023, from PCs to consoles to mobile devices. Gamers will have their hands full in 2023, as over 100 new titles are set to release over the next year. Notably, Company of Heroes 3 and Destiny 2: Lightfall are set to release in February, while The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will release in May.