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Could The Future Of Mobile Games Be Microsoft, Netflix, PlayStation? What Are They Up To? – Benzinga.com

In a continued effort to diversify their player base, multiple industry giants are making their way to the gaming small screen. PlayStation Studios Mobile plans to deliver current and new IPs to their mobile experience, while Microsoft Game Pass currently allows xCloud Gaming for Android smartphones using the cloud. Even Netflix is jumping into the mix by offering downloadable games for smartphones and tablets with its regular subscription service.


Modern Warfare II Reveals A Game-Changing, Non-Linear Battle Pass – Kotaku.com

Call of Duty is introducing a new model for its battle pass system with Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0. Eschewing the traditional linear unlocks found in previous passes, the new system will take the form of a multi-sector map, allowing players to unlock elements in the order they prefer.


Overwatch 2 attracted over 35M players in its first month – VentureBeat.com

In its first month, Overwatch 2 has attracted more than double the average daily player count than its predecessor did during the same period. Activision Blizzard has revealed that 35 million players have tried out the game, with many of those being new players drawn in by the free-to-play model.


Binance and FTX deal falling apart? Fallout for games and esports – VentureBeat.com

Warning signs that Binance may not complete the purchase of rival cryptocurrency exchange FTX could generate knock-on effects for the eSports companies. FTX owns a gaming publisher and has large sponsorships with TSM and the North American League of Legends Championship Series, where the company’s liquidity issues may signal impending changes in those contracts.