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Battlefront 2 Listened to Fans
Earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront 2 released a trailer highlighting all of the ways it was different from its predecessor, and in the process also demonstrating how the devs listened to criticism. The trailer, voiced over by John Boyega (Finn from Force Awakens) shows unequivocally that the areas in which SW Battlefront 1 was lacking have all been given special attention in the sequel. There are more than four times as many maps, players can fight across prequel, original trilogy, and sequel maps, there’s offline, split-screen gameplay, and the team has added a full campaign. Overall, the trailer impressed many fans, and may have given a new hope to those who were on the fence.

Skyrim Survival Mode Announced
Bethesda announced a new addition to Skyrim in the form of a more brutal survival mode. In this new mode players will have to manage hunger, thirst, warmth and a host of other traits that have become characteristic of the survival genre. In addition to these threats, fast travel is also turned off, meaning that if a player wants to go somewhere, they’re going to have to hoof it on horseback. The mode comes at a $15 price tag, which some fans have said is too steep for a game that has been out for nearly seven years, but only time will tell if this expansion is the right move for Bethesda.

More Atari Box Specs Revealed
The curtain has been pulled back a bit more on Atari’s new home console, and it looks to be a bit different than most fans were expecting. While it will play a selection of classic Atari games, the box is also running on a Linux-based operating system and has enough power to play modern PC games. Atari has said that they want to give players the freedom of the PC in the living room. So far there has been no mention of exclusive titles coming to this console, which puts it more in the realm of the Steam Box, and not directly competing with the big three consoles.

Notable Releases
Cuphead [Xbox One/Windows 10 PC] – A hand-drawn bullet-hell platformer hybrid made to look like old cartoons.
Total War: Warhammer II [PC] – A strategy and tactics game set in the Warhammer universe with very positive early reviews
Hob [PC] – An action adventure game from the creators of the Torchlight series