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What Reviewers Are Saying About the New Videogame Battlefield 5

One consistent theme for reviewers of Battlefield 5 was that the game was not quite ready for prime time.  Particular problematic areas noted included a sometimes-buggy medical system and some weapon balance issues.  The integration of women on the battlefield created some controversy.  On the positive side, many people enjoy the emphasis on teamwork to achieve objectives.  Additionally, DICE reworked its ballistics system to remove random bullet deviation and deliver more predictable spray patterns for all its weapons.

Fortnite Getting Creative Mode

Fortnite has a new free creative mode that lets players make, share, and play in their own islands.  Epic announced that creative mode will launch on December 13.  Battle Pass owners can take advantage of an early access week starting December 6.  The mode allows players to being able to fly around the world, copy and edit selected objects, contains a selection of various island archetypes, island settings such as time limit and game type, obstacle courses, new traps, chests and llamas, and much more. Epic says it will add features and improvements over time.

The Game Awards 2018: All the Announcements and Trailers

This week’s Game Awards 2018 not only celebrated the best games released this year but was chalk full of news and exciting announcements.  Check the link in the title for a quick summary of the biggest news.

Epic Launches Digital Games Store with 88 Percent Revenue Going to Developers

Epic Games, developer of titles like Fortnite, the first Gears of War trilogy, and Unreal Tournament, has announced the creation of a new digital PC store that hopes to compete with Steam by offering an unprecedented 88% revenue split for developers.  The Epic Games Store is launching as a full-fledged game marketplace supporting all sorts of titles. This is a big change considering the traditional industry standard for digital revenue split usually gives 30 percent to the store owner, whether it be Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Apple, Android, or Valve. Perhaps anticipating this move, Valve recently made adjustments to Steam’s revenue model, but only above certain thresholds that most games won’t hit.