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Metro Exodus Leaves Steam for an Exclusive One Year Availability in Epic Store

Metro Exodus by THQ will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the first year of its availability, and will then come back to Steam and other storefronts in 2020. For Epic to grow market share over the dominance of Steam, Epic Games has to convince customers that they need to be buying games from the Epic Games Store and not Steam.  Epic Game Store has combined exclusivity and discount pricing: Metro Exodus will be sold for $49.99, which is $10 less than it was originally priced on Steam.   

NetEase Acquires Minority Stake in Quantic Dream

Chinese company NetEase has purchased a minority stake in Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dreams, infusing it with funds while allowing it to remain independent. Quantic Dreams co-founder David Cage says that the studio plans to make games for multiple platforms from here on out, and not solely for Sony.  In June the NetEase purchased a minority stake in Bungie, and it’s working with Blizzard on the Diablo Immortal mobile game. 

Xbox One Error Made System Unusable

Xbox One players reported that their system is freezing or getting a black screen upon boot, and others are having difficulty accessing their saved games. Microsoft responded that they had a deployment error and had the problem fixed after a few hours. 

GameStop Cancels Kingdom Hearts 3 Special Edition PS4 Pre-Orders, Infuriating Fans 

GameStop canceled an unknown number of pre-orders for a special edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 Pro because it sold too many of them.  GameStop has struggled to remain a relevant part of the game consumer model with the rise of digital distribution and recently announced it stopped its efforts to sell the company.