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Microsoft Stops Kinect Production

After its seven year run, Microsoft has officially stopped production on its motion gaming device, Kinect. Throughout the years Microsoft has slowly been de-emphasizing Kinect by no longer including it in console bundles to reduce price and game releases that use the technology had ground to a halt. While the technology may no longer be in use in its traditional form, a version of it still exists in Microsoft’s augmented reality device, Holo Lens.

Nintendo Announces Animal Crossing Mobile
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was announced earlier this week at a Nintendo direct and will be arriving on mobile devices sometime in late November. Gameplay appears to be a mix of traditional animal crossing fare, collecting characters similar to the popular Neko Atsume, and takes place in a camping setting. Nintendo has already released Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes this year on mobile and both titles performed very well upon launch.

Rainbow Six Siege Mid Season Reinforcements Arrive
It’s midway through the competitive season for Rainbow Six Siege and that means it’s time for Ubisoft’s mid-season reinforcements in the form of operator balancing, bug fixes and new cosmetic content. In this patch, two characters are getting major changes (Kapkan & Blitz) and Ela, one of the recently added Polish operators is getting a nerf. Finally, amidst many bug fixes, Jager will also be getting an elite aviator skin.

LA Noire Gets a 4K Trailer
Earlier this year, Rockstar announced that they will be re-releasing LA Noire, the critically acclaimed detective game, in 4K on November 14th on modern consoles. The trailer shows off the game’s visuals running in 4K, and surprisingly how well the game has aged. For a title that was released six years ago (granted it was on the cutting edge then), LA Noire still looks fantastic.

Notable Releases:

Super Mario Odyssey [Nintendo Switch] – Reviewers have been absolutely been raving about this game calling it the best Mario since Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube. Many reviewers have even given it perfect scores.

Assassin’s Creed Origins [All Platforms] – After a year hiatus, Assassin’s Creed is back and headed to Egypt. Early reviews are very positive.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus [All Platforms] – Taking place in a post-World War II USA where the Nazis won, Wolfenstein II follows BJ Blaskowicz as he hunts down the leaders of the modern third reich.