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UK May charts – GameIndustry.biz

Almost 200,000 game consoles sold in the UK during May, with PlayStation 5 in the lead. Xbox Series X and S came in second, with Switch falling behind. Game sales of 2 million in May represent a 39% drop year over year.


Call of Duty Black Ops vets form new studio – Polygon

Dave Anthony and Jason Blundel, two veterans from Call of Duty, announce their new venture during the Summer Games Fest Kickoff show.  They have partnered up together to form a new studio, Deviation Games. The plan is to work with Sony Interactive Entertainment to start a new franchise.


Global Gaming Worth Projections – GameIndustry.biz

A new report from analyst firm, GlobalData, estimates the future worth of the mobile gaming market at $272 billion by 2030 due to a few positive factors, such as the continued increase in streaming and esports support. By their estimations, around 57% of all global gaming revenue last year is from mobile platforms.