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Graphics cards rise in price again – Game Debate

Most, if not every modern electronic device utilizes semiconductor chips as a core component. The pressure on manufacturers stems from the production slowdowns tied to COVID coupled with increased demand from video games used as a social/entertainment release during close-downs. Manufacturers are responding by raising their prices for the second time in one year.


Chris Metzen’s new D&D world – Polygon

Warchief Gaming Studio was found by two former Blizzard executives, Christ Metzen and Mike Gilmartin. Their first project is designed to work with the modern 5E version of D&D and is set in the new world of Drastnia. The first book for this setting, Worldbook: Lawbrand, brings a coalition of large trade cities, offering a more urban experience than most D&D stories.


Microsoft could buy Discord – GameSpot

Discord is currently exploring options for its sale, estimating a value of more than $10 billion. Microsoft is among the companies discussing the purchase of Discord, along with Epic Games and Amazon. Recent events, such as the GameStop stock rally and Roblox’s strong debut on the stock market, may sway Discord to go public instead of selling out, though they have admitted they are not yet profitable.