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Xsolla acquires Slemma – GameIndustry.biz

Xsolla announced their acquisition of Slemma today. Slemma’s tools allow functionality with third-party platforms and will integrate with Xsolla’s systems throughout the year. Together the two can create a unique platform combining data reporting and visualization services for developers.


Epic Games adds Itch.io – GameIndustry.biz

Epic Games adds more third-party apps to its store platform this week, including Itch.io. An Epic representative stated that they would not take any revenue from the Itch.io app. Epic is still fighting with Apple and Google over platform fees since their suit last year. Epic Games also added IHeartRadio for North American users, pixel art-based 3D model generator, KenShape, Krita, and Brave.


Microsoft removes Live requirement for free games – The Verge

Microsoft no longer requires users to have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold to play free-to-play games. This change means more than 50 popular games are completely free to play without a subscription. Microsoft is reportedly dropping its Xbox Live branding, which hints at a move away from the subscription service.