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The Metaverse Is The Web3 Wave That Democratizes Buying And Building Real Estate, Hosting Fashion Shows And Monetizing Video Gaming

Wave after wave of large investments is pouring into a network of interconnected 3D virtual worlds, also known as the metaverse. Some go as far as to say that having your own space in the metaverse will be as ubiquitous as having your own web page today. Big names, such as Gucci have partnered up with Roblox to sell high-end fashion items, while Balenciaga made a similar arrangement with Epic Games.  Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Meta are in a rush to get ready to market an affordable version of their VR/AR headsets. In the meantime, the ‘metaversers’ are very busy spending their time next to their favorite celebrities’ avatars, attending fashion shows, parties, and earning cryptocurrency while playing games, all in the comfort of their own home.

Play-to-earn games in metaverse and how they work

While most games seek to make money from players by selling items such as skins and in-game items, the Play-to-Earn games reverse this trend by compensating players for spending time in the game. Additionally, any purchased assets within the game become a part of the player’s durable private property, recorded on the blockchain and regardless of the game’s fate. These digital assets can subsequently be sold at a profit in any of the available marketplaces in the metaverse.

Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service officially launches in the US

After a year and a half of development, Amazon is ready to launch its subscription-based video game platform, Luna. The platform will offer gamers the ability to access games using virtually any device of their choice for a fee of $10 per month. Using its existing strength of being a ubiquitous home entertainment platform,  it will seek to replace both PC and console-based gaming, while also effectively competing with Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate.

Missions – Developer Diary

Company of Heroes 3 is launched in its alpha stage and is set to release officially later this year after initial kinks are addressed. The setting for the game is in the Mediterranean with warring factions including the British, American, and the Wehrmacht. The goal is to create the closest simulation of the way events unfold given a dynamic war scenario coupled with the player’s individual decisions.