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Marvel’s Avengers early reviews – Gamespot

After spending some time in Marvel’s Avengers, one of the most common perceptions is that too much of the beta’s focus is on the opening sequence. The bulk of the game follows Ms. Marvel, a likable nerdy character.  The game’s single-player mode is undeniably strong, engaging gameplay and gripping story full of beautiful character-building moments.  Many of these happen in the downtime between big action sets and keep the player invested in the story.


Thrall Mom’s new job – Polygon

The second installment for World of Warcraft: Afterlife is an animated short series promoting the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. This short focuses on Maldraxxus, a military ward in the Shadowlands, where viewers get an introduction to the central conflict of the area, meeting the five houses that control it, and gain some insight on their stories as well as what they may be able to expect in-game.   Drakka serves as the narrator, a character Warcraft loremasters will recognize as Thrall’s mother, who appears to have taken up a roguish approach to conflict.


Fortnite’s Black Panther statue – Polygon

Epic Games has added a new feature to Marvel Island in Fortnite, Panther’s Prowl. Fans have already begun visiting the statue to pay respect to the late Chadwick Boseman, the actor who starred as Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The game maker did not intend the statue to become a monument, however, as they had previously planned for it to become a part of this season’s storyline for the Marvel Crossover event. Black Panther is the third addition behind Ant-Man and the X-Men, and players can expect many more changes to the island as the storylines climax approaches.


Halo MCC cross-play only for Xbox One and PC – Gamespot

343 has confirmed that cross-play will be a part of the future update to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Cross-play will be available on Xbox One and PC platforms only for now as they share their intentions to ensure a fair gameplay experience. Game modes that are more competitive than cooperative, however, will see control restrictions, meaning that keyboard/controller players will not receive a match. Developers have also shared their ideas to counter possibilities of increased loading times, mentioning a sort of dial that matches the control lock with the game mode experience.