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Apple Possibly Intimidated Roblox – Polygon

Roblox, a massive platform for people to make and play games, executed a series of changes to shift towards an experience-sharing platform rather than a game. These moves arrived suspiciously close to the discussions ensuing from Apple vs. Epic case. Roblox has an in-universe currency system that people can use while on the platform, the violation that got Fortnite in trouble with Apple. Apple may have intimidated the gaming company into making these changes.


Take-Two hits Record Revenue this year – GameIndustry.biz

Take-Two released their full-year financial results, posting record numbers. Recurrent consumer spending is up 48% year-over-year. The biggest earners last year were NBA and Grand Theft Auto. When combined with other large titles, they add to an impressive $219 million. Take-Two believes the pandemic played a significant role in these growths.


Square Enix Confident in Outriders – GameIndustry.biz

Outriders reached 3.5 million unique players in its first month, rendering the title as one of Square Enix’s next major franchises. Average playtime is over 30 hours, extremely high engagement for a cooperative game. Outriders launched in April even though its release was planned for late 2020. The launch proved successful with rapid growth in players and popularity.