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Free Update for Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey received an update earlier this week enabling the game’s new balloon-based modes. After downloading the update, Luigi will pop up in the game’s worlds with balloon stands where players can start multiplayer activities (online required). Currently there are two connected modes, ‘hide it’ and ‘find it’, where players will either hide or find balloons around the world. The update also comes with several new cosmetic items that can be purchased in shops around the various areas of the game.

Fortnite v3.0.0 Patch Notes Released

Fortnite is about to launch its third season of play, and with it, a host of new cosmetic rewards, game upgrades, and even a new weapon are coming. First up, consoles will be receiving an upgrade that allows them to run the game at 60FPS! Second, the game will be getting several updates to its building system including the ability to place objects in the middle of larger objects, opening up new creative possibilities. Finally, a new gun, the hand cannon, will be added to the game, with the description: “It’s big, it’s loud, and it packs a punch.”

Next Battlefield to Be Playable at EA Play

While there aren’t many rumors about the next entry in the Battlefield franchise, we do know that it is going to be playable at EA Play 2018. This is the conference that EA holds adjacent to E3 and the public can attend for admission price. No official release dates have been confirmed, but EA has stated that the game will release in 2018. Subject matter is still speculation, but the top two running fan theories are a World War II based game, or a follow-up to the Bad Company franchise in the form of Battlefield: Bad Company 3.

Hunt Showdown Launches in Early Access

Crytek, the developers of the Crysis series have just launched their next game into early access. Hunt: Showdown sees players in a PVE/PVP match-based environment where they will be hunting down monsters in teams, while also trying to avoid the greedy eyes of other players. Characters are persistent in between games, meaning the risk of death carries a lot of weight for players. Hunt: Showdown is available in early access for $29.99 on steam.