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Bungie Splits with Activision and Takes Over Destiny Publishing

In an abrupt announcement with long-lasting ramifications, Bungie and Activision have announced that the two companies have split, with Bungie retaining ownership of the Destiny IP and full publishing rights to the game.  Blizzard has announced that Destiny 2 will remain on Battle.net despite the lack of Activision ties.


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Talks about AMD Partnership for “Future Platforms” at CES 2019

During AMD’s CES 2019 keynote, Xbox boss Phil Spencer went on stage to talk about the continued partnership between the two companies. Most notable is his mention of “future platforms” which teases AMD’s technology will be used in the CPU for Microsoft’s next console, much like Xbox One.  Spencer’s speech seems to confirm prior reports that the next Xbox would release in 2020 and use AMD’s next-generation GPU and a Zen 2 processor.


Blizzard Quietly Confirms Another LGBTQ Overwatch Hero

In a new short story titled “Bastet,” Blizzard Entertainment confirms that Soldier: 76 (aka Jack Morrison) is the second LGBTQ character in the Overwatch universe.

Former sniper Ana comes across a wounded Soldier: 76 in the streets of Cairo, and takes him back to her hideout. It’s the first time they’ve been reunited since the explosion rocked the Overwatch headquarters in Switzerland — neither of them knew the other one was alive for sure until now. She catches a glimpse of him going through a few photos, and sees an old one of him with a dark-haired man named Vincent.


New Gameplay Today – Red Dead Online’s Battle Royale Mode

Red Dead Online has gotten its first big update for the year, which adds the new Gun Rush mode to the game. While the name might not be immediately familiar, all you need to know is that it’s basically battle royale.