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Overwatch Halloween 2020 event – PCGamer

Overwatch’s annual Halloween event has returned for three weeks this October, bringing new cosmetic items and the return of Junkenstein’s revenge. Each week players can partake in three new challenges with added difficulty in the co-op event. Players can also complete the usual weekly win-streak missions to obtain special items, this year focusing on Sombra, Brigitte, and Echo. As usual, cosmetics from previous years are available for purchase and from loot boxes.


Genshin Impact – GameSpot

The term “Free-to-Play” probably calls a specific kind of game to mind, mobile games, micro-transaction heavy games, time-wasters, etc. Genshin Impact, a new game that feels heavily influenced by Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, brings a beautiful anime-inspired open world with full voice acting and smooth animation. Players can easily jump right into gameplay with easy controls to explore the world around them and navigate combat. Elemental types are a heavy feature in most aspects of the game; in combat, they cause different effects to those who get hit and allow for many interactions with the world around. Like all Free-to-Play games, Genshin Impact has a free and premium currency system. It also rewards players for investing a lot of time into the game using a reward system based on consecutive days played.


The ghost game taking Twitch by storm – Polygon

Phantasmaphobia is a new co-op game that puts players in a haunted setting to hunt the spirits dwelling within. Kinetic Games successfully created the feeling of a low-budget horror/ghost hunting with this release, creating additional dread from ghosts that can turn on you. The game has grown quite popular, ranking as the 6th most streamed game on Twitch.


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands pre-patch – Polygon

The pre-patch for Shadowlands is here, despite the expansion itself being delayed with no clear release date. With this patch comes a re-build of the leveling and customization options. The max level attainable now is 60, down from 120, which reduces the time needed to get to new content. Players can also change everything about their character aside from race. Other changes include an updated tutorial system for new players, the return of a number of old class features alongside new changes, and more, as the entirety of the pre-patch has yet to arrive.