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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – GameSpot

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes aspects from numerous earlier games in the series and improves the new open-world style. The game follows Layla, a present-day character, transformed into a 9th century Viking via a time travel machine. The main story plays out in self-contained arcs, which keeps gameplay exciting as new features and characters are introduced. In gameplay and lore, Valhalla leaves much for the players to figure out with little hints along the way. Combat has familiar aspects to it;  the mechanics return from previous games, but Eivor doesn’t regenerate health, so it is best to engage in quick, aggressive combat actions.


Why WoW fans are excited about a new boss – Polygon

World of Warcraft fans are excited about the inclusion of a new World Boss. From hardcore fans to casual players, everyone knows of Nathanos Blightcaller, the forsaken general and Sylvanas’ right-hand man. Alliance players from WoW Classic got to kill Nathanos for being a deserter, but he has since been revived and serves under Sylvanas, worshiping her every move. He’s also one of the only characters who continually spreads hate, taunting and ridiculing players even if they play for the Horde. While the bug is preventing him from dropping any loot, players still  flock to his location for a chance to destroy the undead general. Additionally, a cinematic accompanies his canonical death that has everyone completely satisfied.


Spider Man: Miles Morales – GameSpot

Spider Man: Miles Morales feels like a continuation to The City That Never Sleeps, complete with the option to watch a re-cap on Miles’ character from the 2018 game and its DLC. The gameplay in this installment feels almost identical to its predecessor. While the feel of the controls was excellent, it hurts Miles’ character in being able to stand as his own hero, instead of a copy of Peter Parker. Miles grows in experience and popularity over the course of the game and expands his arsenal as well, gaining various spider gadgets to augment his superpowers.


Fortnite offers free Disney Plus – Polygon

Epic Games and Disney are teaming up again for a marketing deal. During this promotion, any player who spends real money in Fortnite, including purchasing V-Bucks, will receive a 2-month subscription offer to Disney Plus.  Disney and Epic have forged an alliance of late through Fortnite, with numerous Fortnite cosmetics taking from Disney owned characters and Disney, in turn, launching trailers through Fortnite. The promotion runs until Dec 31st through Jan 31st, 2021.