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BB-8 coming as playable hero to Battlefront 2 – GameSpot
Dice has announced a new update to Battlefront II in conjunction with the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 20th. This announcement is in addition to the Celebration Edition of Battlefront II, which comes with the base game, all current and future DLC, and every cosmetic unlock to date. With the Rise of Skywalker release, The Dice is adding new maps for various game modes, new cosmetics for some heroes, and BB-8 (along with his First Order counterpart BB-9E) added as a playable hero.

Diablo 4 drops Ancient Legendaries for new, more complex item systems – Polygon
Blizzard announced in another blog post that it would be excluding the Ancient Legendary system from Diablo 4, in favor of a more flexible and complex item system. Insets are being replaced by affixes, which work as add-ins to items that give various buffs if the wearer meets the pre-requisite stat thresholds. These stat requirements are based on new stats called Ancient power, Angelic power, and Demonic power, each of which has different general effects on a character. Blizzard’s goal with these changes is to give players better control over character builds, instead of relying on the best meta gear.

Halo: Reach immediately jumps to Steams most-played list after launch – The Verge
Halo: Reach launched initially on Xbox 360 about a decade ago now, yet with the recent PC release still stands as a great game, now with various deeper setting customizations. On launch day, the fan-favorite title pulled a peak of about 161,000 concurrent players, solidifying it in the top five on Steam’s most-played list. Reach has since dropped slightly in standing, but still stands in the seventh position of said list, remaining in the top 10. Reach is the first game to launch as part of The Master Chief Collection, which will contain every main title Halo game, released in chronological order.

Microsoft still planning a cheaper, less powerful next-gen console – Kotaku
Microsoft announced Project Scarlet back in June, claiming to be setting the bar for console power, speed, and performance; we know now that they are also working on a second, smaller, and less expensive console at the same time. As of now, the cheaper, less powerful, diskless console is known as Lockhart, something we had seen in the past from Microsoft’s roadmap back in 2018. There is not much information about Scarlet or Lockhart, but we can surmise that the difference between the two will be similar to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.