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Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Begins

Tis the season for seasonal events, and as with last year, Overwatch is bringing back its Winter Wonderland, with a few new changes. First off, there’s a new brawl mode coming to the arcade in the form of Yeti Hunt. Four Meis will hunt down one super powered Winston in the hope of defeating him before he gains enough power to transform into the mighty yeti. The mode itself is vaguely reminiscent of the game Evolve and is an interesting departure from Overwatch’s other game modes. In addition to the new mode, several maps will be getting winter reskins and many characters are going to be getting festive-themed skins! Winter Wonderland runs from 12/12/17-1/2/18.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Finn & Phasma Will be Free

Tying in with the release of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 released two new maps on Thursday, along with a host of other content themed around the movie. Most importantly, the game released two new heroes, and rather than putting a credit cost on them, they will be free. This announcement was a big deal in the community as one of the main complaints around the game was how long heroes originally took to unlock. While this gesture has not assuaged the community’s ire, it is a step in the right direction for DICE. Changes to the game’s progression system have not been fully detailed, but developers are hard at work on them.

Predator Joins Ghost Recon Wildlands

Wednesday, Ghost Recon: Wildlands announced a special free DLC pack that will be bringing Predator to the game. Players will be able to hunt/be hunted by the creature in the game’s vast jungles, and will also be able to unlock themed weaponry from the Predator franchise. The event will begin on December 14th.


Notable Game Releases:

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds [Xbox One] – The popular PC shooter has made its way to Xbox! Initial reviews of the game have been mixed due to a buggy launch.