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Fortnite’s Metallica concert showed how sprawling the game has become – TheVerge.com

Fortnite bolsters their in-game concert, featuring Metallica, by surrounding the event with new content, modes, Metallica-themed items, and more. Epic hopes to attract new and lapsed players with their recruitment of talented musical artists and limited-time festivities that span across Fortnite and into Rocket League as well.


Bitmagic raises $4M for AI platform that generates 3D games from consumer prompts – VentureBeat.com

The Finnish company Bitmagic has attracted $4 million in investments toward consumer-prompted game-building AI software. Michael Lee of Korea Investment Partners praised Bitmagic for “their innovative approach and advanced use of generative AI techniques.”


Case studies: YouTube creators amplified GTA VI, Fallout and more – VentureBeat.com

A newly released report from YouTube emphasizes their impact on facilitating the growth of video game fan bases and revenue for the industry. As an example, the GTA VI trailer broke records with 93 million views on the platform but also 192 million views of reaction videos to the trailer in the same 24-hour period.


How a musical indie game went against the grain to explore the Deaf experience – TheVerge.com

Harmonium: The Musical featured a “ground-up approach” in development where knowledge experts in the deaf community were sought at the beginning of production. The project partnered with Xbox and Netflix, giving developers more time and resources to produce a game deemed “fun and engaging for everyone.”