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How 2022’s most influential games will change gaming in 2023 – VentureBeat.com

VentureBeat looks ahead to 2023 and how the most influential games of this year will influence next year’s gaming trends. Games like Diablo Immortal and High on Life set trends in monetization, artificial intelligence, and government regulation for the years to come.

In 2022, cozy games went from niche to video game fixture – TheVerge.com

Long seen as a niche, the pandemic pushed the “cozy” gaming genre into the spotlight thanks to social media influencers and titles like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Wholesome games with self-paced open-world exploration and little violence appeal to such a broad market of casual gamers that even AAA publishers have started to notice.

How Bloodborne paved the way for one of 2022’s breakout hits – Polygon.com

Tunic is one of 2022’s biggest indie hits, and its 90s console and Legend of Zelda influences are obvious. The game’s creator, Andrew Shouldice, reveals that one of Tunic’s far less obvious influences also included FromSoftware’s legendarily dark hit, Bloodborne.

Inside Roblox’s Criminal Underworld, Where Kids Are Scamming Kids – IGN.com

IGN’s Luke Winkie delves into a thriving and shocking criminal underworld in Roblox, where children as young as 13 are learning to hack, scam, and rob other players in the massively popular sandbox game.