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Demon Souls Remake – GameSpot
The remake of Demon Souls is a wonderful experience and a remarkable showpiece for the PlayStation 5. Barring some tweaks, the game is identical to the original by bringing a familiar experience yet creating a sense of a new adventure. Bluepoint has done an excellent job re-creating the game that started the Souls-like subgenre.

Shadowlands will make World of Warcraft more accessible – GameSpot
World of Warcraft, having originally launched in 2004, has years of history and content under its belt, and as such, can easily seem like a daunting task for new players. To counteract this, Blizzard introduced some new-player-friendly changes with the Shadowlands expansion. The largest change is lowering the level cap from 120 to 60, the original cap in vanilla. Exiles Reach is a new starting zone, and it introduces new players to the game to get them acquainted.

James Bond game from the developers of Hit Man – Polygon
Hitman developer IO Interactive announces Project 007, a new James Bond game that tells the British Secret Service operative’s origin. James Bond has a long history in video games, with varying degrees of success. The teaser for this project is only a few seconds long. Still, we know development is underway for modern systems and platforms, presumably meaning for the next-gen consoles recently released and PC.

CoD Black Ops Cold War’s MP5 gets nerfed – Polygon
The MP5 SMG has absolutely dominated in Cold War’s multiplayer during its first week. Treyarch released a quick patch to up the recoil and reduced the effective range, not the dramatic change everyone wanted, but it helps to keep the game more balanced. The problem with the gun used in the game is that it was too good at doing everything, from close to long ranges, it consistently put targets down. Treyarch turned it down from an assault rifle status to a more SMG role, which is where it should be.