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Xbox One Fast Start July Update

The Xbox One system July update cuts the wait time in half by enabling players to start playing once essential files have been downloaded and less essential files required for the full game download in the background.  Microsoft calls their system “ready to start” while Sony uses the term “play as you download.”  Microsoft highlights that “ready to start” enables players to start playing the game and not merely see a menu.  Xbox One players can look forward to the availability of seventeen games with “ready to start.” Other feature of this update include “Groups” which enables players to organize games and synchronize play across Xbox One consoles.


Valve Shuts Down New Way of Estimating Game Sales on Steam

Steam Spy measured popularity and total user base for Steam games until April when Steam no longer provided them data.  In a Medium post published on June 29, software developer Tyler Glaiel described a methodology which reverse engineered the percentage of users who had achievements into fraction, and thereby determined the minimum total number of players.  For example, if 33% of players had an achievement, then at least 3 players were active.  Within a week of publishing and sharing the code, Steam adjusted their API from providing 16 decimal points to rounded numbers, and thereby rendered this methodology useless beyond a couple hundred players.  Valve business development head Jan-Peter Ewert said that the company understands the need for a tool like Steam Spy, but thinks that Steam Spy itself wasn’t accurate enough.


Guild Wars 2 Writers Fired Following Heated Twitter Exchange with Streamer

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet recently parted ways with two writers, who were involved in heated Tweets with Guild Wars 2 Twitch streamer and YouTuber Deroir, who is also partnered with ArenaNet through its content creator program.  This story is part of a broader gaming landscape of how a company wants to interact with their fans, perceived gaming industry sexism and what is appropriate communication.


Significant Numbers This Week: An Audience of 78 Million

The YouTube generated Gaming channel featuring news, reviews and all things gaming related now has 77,954,000+ subscribers!    Several Studios have cracked into the “Popular With Gamers” list garnering millions of views over the last view week.     Clash of the Clan’s Town Hall Update is Here! video has 18 million views over the last three weeks.   Cyperpunk 2077’s E3 trailer had 13 million views over the same time-period.  A few other notables are Elder Scrolls VI Teaser (6.5 million views), and Overwatch’s [New Hero Coming Soon] Wreaking Ball Origin Story released 1 week ago with 3.1 million views at this point.