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Hearthstone’s next solo-adventure to launch September 17 – Polygon
Hearthstone’s, Saviors of Uldum, has already introduced new cards and mechanics to the game as well as a new solo campaign “Tombs of Terror,” to release on September 17. This next addition is the middle chapter in this year’s over-arching campaign. Tombs of Terror introduces a new way to play and a new deck-building mechanic. Special heroes can take exclusive cards from two classes allowing for a much more versatile deck. The first chapter of Tombs of Terror will launch on September 17 for free to all players with the rest being available for purchase in the following weeks.

Cyberpunk multiplayer under development – Polygon
Cyberpunk 2077 is CD Projekt Red’s latest upcoming title and is set to be a massive single-player experience. CD Projekt Red has recently announced in a tweet however that multiplayer is under development as well; though it will not be available at launch. The developers plan to release free DLC after launch and launch multiplayer after the DLC launches. Additionally, they have asked for some community assistance in developing the multiplayer aspects.

Gears 5 critic overview – GameSpot
Gears 5 will be bringing some significant changes to the Gears franchise, including more open level areas and a more RPG-like player progression system. In general, critics agree that the new changes will draw the fans to return to the series for this next installment; especially as it maintains the quality of its predecessors’ cover-shooting mechanics. Overall, most critics gave Gears 5 an excellent review and high recommendations.

Overwatch Allegedly coming to Nintendo Switch – The Verge
Nintendo revealed that Overwatch would be coming to Switch on October 15 during a Nintendo Direct. The Switch port will come with 15 free skins and a three-month membership to Nintendo-Switch Online, the Switch’s online subscription service. 2019 has been a very eventful year for Overwatch with two hero launches, a release of creative workshop mode and the Role Queue system.