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Red Dead Redemption 2’s Online Mode is Coming in November

Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled to be released next month and will feature a robust single-player mode. However, until this week little was known about when the much-anticipated online mode for the game would be available. While Red Dead Redemption 2 is launching October 26th, the beta version won’t be available until November. No firm date was set. Rockstar, the developer of RDR2 says the online mode will be free for anyone who buys the base game.


Fortnite had Over 78 Million Players in August, its Biggest Month Yet

With Fortnite Season 6 and the one-year anniversary of Battle Royale coming up next week, Fortnite just had its biggest month to-date.  According to Epic, “August was Fortnite’s biggest month yet, with 78.3 million of you showing up to play.” That’s 78.3 million unique accounts on six platforms. Even if you divide that number by how many platforms Fortnite is playable on, that’s over 10 million players per platform, something most developers can hardly fathom.


YouTube Launches New Gaming Hub to Promote Creators Better than Failed App Did

Gaming is one of the most popular video categories on YouTube, which can make discovering certain games or creators slightly more difficult. YouTube is introducing a new, reformatted gaming hub to try alleviating those issues, with help from dedicated pages for specific games and and a gaming content creator on the rise.


Halo Infinite Will Not Have Paid Loot Boxes

Halo Infinite is likely to have microtransactions, but don’t expect it to feature paid-for loot boxes. 343 Industries FPS Studio Head Chris Lee said on Twitterthat the team has not yet decided on its final plans for microtransactions. But what he can say for sure right now is that the game “will not include real-money loot boxes.”