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Valorant plans to release six new agents a year – Polygon

Even though Valorant launched a few weeks ago, developers are looking forward to developing the game. They have announced a plan to release a new agent every Act, or season. Each Act will be two months long, with an addition of six new agents annually; each Act will subsequently split into a series of Episodes. This division will allow developers to add smaller changes like map or agent additions in between Acts and push larger patches for balances bug-fixes and large gameplay changes between Episodes.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone – Polygon

Call of Duty: Warzone just got another patch, and this one is bringing nerfs to some of the most popular weapons in the game, along with the usual tweaks. The Grau 5.56 and the MP5 have until now been the ultimate weapons for the battle royale, particularly if carried together. The nerf targets both weapons ranges, making them less effective for longer engagements. A new game mode has been added in this update as well, Quads 200, a 200-player match in Verdansk.


Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.1 bringing match cancelation – Gamespot

Rainbow Six Siege is introducing a new feature for ranked/competitive play in the latest seasonal update, match cancelation. This feature will allow teams to vote to cancel a match if the teams become unbalanced due to disconnects. If, during a prep or setup phase, one or more players disconnect from the match, the unbalanced team can put up a majority vote to cancel the match and leave all player’s rankings unaffected. Among the nerf adjustments during this update is Ace and Hibanna, who can no longer destroy some fragile gadgets on the other side of reinforced walls and Melusi’s banshees, who also have reduced range and power.


The Last of Us II getting an online mode in place of DLC – Gamespot

The Last of Us II has seen huge success in sales already, and developers have announced they have no plans to follow up with any story DLC. Unlike the first game, which did have story DLC, the sequel will be replacing DLC content with an online mode in the future. This change will add multiplayer to the game and let players play in an online world through a future standalone title.  The PS5 will likely house this multiplayer expansion.