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CD Projekt Red lays off 100 employees due to ‘overstaffing’ – VentureBeat.com

Employees at CD Projekt Red brace for a third round of layoffs since the beginning of 2023. Several projects have wrapped up, and although new installments of the Witcher series and Cyberpunk are on the way, CDPR sights overstaffing as the cause for this latest 9% reduction of their current staff.

Hasbro’s AI aspirations include a partnership with a novel digital board game platform – Polygon.com

Hasbro has partnered with Xplored to bring a more immersive experience to their players through the use of digital technology and AI. Xplored is the maker of the digital game board platform Teburu and will provide Hasbro with “the hardware and connectivity it needs, as well as the design expertise required to make that next step possible.”

Senate panel advances bills to childproof the internet – TheVerge.com

Legislation recently approved by the Senate to “childproof the internet” raises questions about the feasibility of implementing new restrictions. Critics of the bills warn that companies would be forced to acquire even more personal information from all users to comply with the aggressive age-related restrictions.

Affective empathy mediates the positive effect of prosocial video games on young children’s sharing behavior

This research investigated how prosocial video games affect sharing behavior in Chinese preschoolers aged 4-6 years. The findings revealed that children who played prosocial video games demonstrated increased sharing behavior compared to those who played neutral video games. Moreover, empathy, specifically affective empathy*, played a key role in mediating the link between playing prosocial video games and sharing behavior, particularly among older children and girls.

*Affective empathy is the ability to emotionally resonate with others and understand their feelings while recognizing that their emotions are distinct from one’s own.