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Netflix says the cloud will let it expand beyond mobile games – TheVerge.com

Netflix sets its sights on expanding its cloud gaming beyond mobile to also include access via television and PC. Netflix says it is open to cross-platform titles as well as games created specifically for TV or PC.

Unity 6 debuts next year with AI-powered innovations and platform updates – VentureBeat.com

Unity announces the launch of the Unity 6 platform, which includes AI innovations “aimed at streamlining content creation” and will arrive in 2024. Unity recently revised their fee policies after feedback from outraged developers.

Bandai Namco formally announces Studio 2 & Studio S, its Nintendo collaboration studio – VideoGamesChronicle.com

Bandai Namco’s development team has been working on Nintendo games for years, bringing their artistry and quality to titles like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The group is finally getting some recognition as Bandai Namco officially brands them as their own studio, Studio 2 & Studio S.

CDPR Working On Free Witcher 3 Mod Editor To Allow Players To ‘Create Your Own Experiences’ – GameInformer.com

CD Projekt Red made its mark this year with the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk. CDPK has hopes to keep things rolling next year with a free mod for Witcher 3. The mod would allow PC players to create unique experiences and adventures in the Witcher fantasy world.