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Microsoft Reducing Cut on PC Sales – Polygon

Microsoft modifies its revenue model to increase developers’ cut on sales. Starting August 1st, developers receive 88% of revenue from all game sales on Microsoft’s PC storefront. The change is beneficial to developers and a strategic business move as it entices more developers onto their platform. Microsoft’s change could influence Valve, which may need to lower their sales percentages due to this.


EA Acquires Glu – GameSpot

EA closed a $2.1 billion deal with Glu Mobile. This merger is expected to help EA gain from microtransactions by reaching into the mobile market. The deal also brings in more money for EA from live services, as Glu’s expertise in mobile gaming services will help EA’s intellectual property grow through the mobile platform.


US Game Sales up 30% Q1 – GameIndustryNews.biz

Consumer spending on games grew 30% in Q1 2021 across all gaming categories. Although a large part of this activity is attributable to the pandemic, cyclical gains can be traced to launches of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. The introduction of these platforms and increased spending on both PC and VR have established new market highs.


Studies Show Most Gamers Enjoy Socially Responsible Messages – GameIndustryNews.biz

According to a new Accenture survey, socially responsible causes are desirable to most gamers. A survey conducted on 4,000 gamers from China, Japan, the US, and the UK showed that 66% of them prefer socially responsible gaming companies. Most participants also revealed that they find enjoyable communities in online gaming and expect their involvement to grow with time.