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Guild Wars 2 Expansion

Five years after its initial launch, Guild Wars 2 has announced its newest expansion will be coming in September. The main additions to the game include five massive new zones for players to explore, as well as mounts (a mainstay in the MMO genre), which have so far been absent from the series. For those who are unfamiliar, Guild Wars 2 is an open-world fantasy MMO with a robust combat system, and is one of the few in the genre not to have a subscription model. Players pay once for the main game, once for expansions, and that’s it. In recent years the base game has also become free, meaning new players can try it without paying anything, and only pay if they want the expansion content.

Overwatch Summer Games Return

Even though their newest hero, Doomfist, only released last week, Overwatch has already pulled the curtain back on their next big patch. The Overwatch Summer Games return next Tuesday, August 8th with new summer-themed cosmetics, the return of last year’s Olympic skins at a discounted price, and the return of the fan favorite mode, Lucio Ball! A few changes are coming to Lucio Ball in the form of a three-week competitive ladder where players can earn exclusive sprays, and compete in the brand new Australian soccer arena!

Bioware Montreal to Merge with EA Motive

EA Motive and EA Dice are already working together on Star Wars Battlefront II, releasing this fall, and Bioware Montreal is currently working on an unnamed Star Wars title, so this merger makes a lot of sense. The idea here is to likely add more manpower behind the upcoming Star Wars games.

Steam is Having Insane Growth

In a report released earlier this week, Steam revealed that their userbase has been growing consistently by 1.5 million users per month for the last 18 months! With titles like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds being so popular on the platform this isn’t much of a surprise in the industry, but the achievement is impressive.

Ark Survival Evolve Delayed

Ark is facing another set of delays due to the title needing more polish. For those who are unfamiliar, Ark is a survival-crafting game set in a dinosaur-infested world where players must band together to survive.