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Cyberpunk 2077 needs more work time – Polygon
CD Projekt Red’s chief executive admitted in an investor call that the development teams for Cyberpunk 2077 still have a significant amount of work before launch. He mentioned that they will, unfortunately, have to put in some “crunch time” as the sheer volume of details that need more work-over is still significant. We have confirmation that the game is in a fully functioning and playable state, but lacks the desired polish the studio expects before shipping.

Temtem, the Pokémon inspired hit – Polygon
Temtem, the new MMO inspired by the popular collection RPG Pokémon, launched this week. On launch, however, the game could not handle the level of attention and excitement players held for the idea, as connection issues and massive queue times were unavoidable. Despite this, developer Crema has been hard at work getting fixes out so players can play their game and have been communicating steadily on Twitter. Crema seems devoted to giving players the best experience they can; despite their small team, which makes the launch and current state of the game more impressive.

Doom Eternal’s chaotic beginning – GameSpot
id Software has run wild with Doom Eternal; making a destructive, unforgiving, and adrenaline-filled experience. Creative director Hugo Martin stated that the opening hours of Eternal bring more to players than the entire Doom 2016 title did. Eternal gives players a myriad of weapons and tools to use as they traverse the levels and encounter scores of demons, managing to maintain the simple premise of move, shoot, swap, shoot, kill.

Dying Light 2 delayed indefinitely – GameSpot
Techland has announced that Dying Light 2 has been delayed. Originally scheduled to release in Spring 2020, the game is now indefinitely suspended, with no indication of timeline moving forward. Techland stated that they are unsure when they will get the game into a state they are pleased with and will not release unless they have achieved this status. Once it is released, Dying Light 2 will be made available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.