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Diablo IV Has Gone Gold – GameInformer.com

A month ahead of the release date, Blizzard’s next installment of Diablo is complete and ready for disc. Following two weekends of open betas, the Diablo IV team is confident in their finished project and ready for veterans and newcomers to experience the new world of Sanctuary.

Public game company stock prices rise in Q1 but acquisitions fall | Drake Star – VentureBeat.com

A report by Drake Star Partners puts in perspective the new gaming industry data in the first quarter of 2023. Acquisitions are down from last year, but with a rise in stock prices and two new high-profile deals completed in Q2, the industry could be on the way to recovery.

Sony Acquires Another Studio Headed By Bungie Veterans – GameSpot

As PlayStation gears up to expand its live-service games, Sony is finalizing a deal on ProbablyMonsters Inc.’s Firewalk Studios. Firewalk Studios brings their experience with Call of Duty and Apex Legends as well as their talent, including Activision’s former Destiny boss, Tony Hsu.

Sega confirms it’s buying Angry Birds and pushing into mobile – Polygon.com

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Sega is looking to build its presence in the mobile gaming market and will be depending on the expertise of the company behind Angry Birds to do it. Sega will spend $775 million to acquire Rovio, with the deal set to be finalized by September 2023.